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Woodworking can be fun but often involves a long learning curve for beginners. If you’re like me, you want to start building projects as soon as possible. And, if your tools are not professional level you may believe that furniture and cabinets are not possible for you.

In my book Woodworking Simplified, my goal is to prove that you can build attractive and functional wood projects for your home or office using consumer level tools.

Book 1 is just the first of a series of Woodworking Simplified books that include complete instructions, materials lists, drawings, and even exploded views for six projects including desks, cabinets, bookcases, tables, etc.

I developed the simple methods in the Woodworking Simplified series while operating my one-person woodworking business for more than 20 years building quality cabinets and furniture for customers. These methods helped me deliver quality while still making a profit. Now you can use these methods to jump right in and start building wood projects.

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Woodworking Simplified, Book 1: Your How-To Guide For Making Beautiful and Functional Projects -Book 1 includes detailed instructions, materials lists, drawings, tool information, and even exploded views for six projects. Check below for more about Book 1.

Complete, detailed, how-to instructions on each project with suggestions for making the design your own.

Clear and concise materials lists so you’ll know exactly what you need for each project.

Precise working drawings and exploded views so you’ll know how to assemble each project. Check out sample drawings at right.

Best methods for using tools required so you’ll complete each project efficiently, effectively, and safely.

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Corner cabinet at the end of our hallway fits well in any corner of your home and can be finished many ways.

This bookcase design is easy to build and can easily be used for an entire wall of bookcases. You can build with or without the solid back and finish it in a variety of ways.

Corner desk with six regular drawers and a large file drawer is a perfect work area and will fit almost any room.

The dual level end table at left works in any room, either next to a chair or sofa or as a stand-alone. With a few added details it might serve as a small cart.

The laundry cabinet (above right) and laundry counter (below left) make a great set for any laundry room. The cabinet replaces the nearly useless shelf found in most laundry rooms. The counter is a removable work surface over a front-loading washer and dryer and is a great surface for folding or ironing clothes. The countertop project also includes detailed instructions for laminating any surface.

The Projects in Book 1

With Book 1 of Woodworking Simplified you’ll find all you need to quickly and easily build these six projects: a corner cabinet, a bookcase and entire wall of bookcases, a corner desk, a dual level end table, a laundry cabinet and a laundry counter.

You’ll also find instructions on how to change them to fit your décor and taste. You’ll even learn how to laminate any surface.

Additionally, with your purchase you get email access to author and woodworker Bill Benitez. If you’re stumped or have a question, just send an email to bill@positive-imaging.com . Bill will respond personally to help.

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“I love that you have a section on all the tools you used including safety information.”

“I like how you put in ways to individualize the projects”

“Your book is written in an interesting way with no lull factor.”

Quotes about Woodworking Simplified Book 1:

Woodworking Simplified, Book 1:  Your How-To Guide for Making Beautiful and Functional Projects is the first of a five-book series suitable for beginner and more experienced woodworkers alike. Unlike all my previous woodworking books, the Woodworking Simplified series is not about the business. In it, I’ve drawn upon more than twenty-five years of experience as a professional woodworker to jumpstart the beginner or novice who wants to quickly start making useful, beautiful projects. You’ll learn to work safely with affordable, consumer level tools readily available from big-box or home improvement stores. And you’ll feel the satisfaction of having made functional projects that you’ve customized to your own space.

Books 1, 2 and 3

Each of these three books will contain six different projects that you can build for your family and friends. In addition to step-by-step instructions, for each project you’ll find detailed materials lists, precise working drawings and exploded views to guide you. You’ll also learn the best methods to use the tools specified for each job, so that you’ll be creating efficient, safe habits as you learn.

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Book 4

Building upon the skills you’ve gained thus far, you’re ready to learn how to design your own projects. You’ll have complete lessons in Book 4, using the same simplified methods and consumer level tools described in Books 1, 2 and 3 to design and build projects of your own creation.

Book 5

This is an entertaining collection of stories from my days as a woodworking professional. I consider them my adventures. Some are funny and some sad - but all are good lessons for anyone thinking about switching from beginner or novice to professional.

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About Woodworking Simplified: The Series

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Novice and beginning woodworkers find learning woodworking techniques well worth the effort and it’s fun but also time consuming. If you want to jump in quickly and start building functional projects for your home using simpler methods, Woodworking Simplified Book 1 is for you. In this first book of the series there are six attractive and functional projects you can build using consumer brand tools you may already have. For each project there are photos, concise instructions, materials lists, drawings, and even exploded views to help with assembly. And future books in the series include a dozen more projects for home or office and much more. Read more about it below and check out the photos of the projects in Book 1.

There are woodworkers who frown on some of these methods and even view some as shortcuts leading to poor quality. After serving hundreds of customers in Tampa, Florida and Austin, Texas, I know that’s not true. I never got calls about the quality of my work and most of my business was generated by word-of-mouth referrals.

Over the years I used traditional methods on some projects but as my business grew I simplified my methods, consistently maintaining high quality. The main objective of my simplified methods is to make building cabinets and furniture easier, faster, and safer. This doesn’t mean you stop honing your woodworking skills but to me the most important thing is to get a quality wood project completed. Your skills will improve as you build more projects, as is always the case with practice. If you feel the same way, the Woodworking Simplified series is for you.

Woodworking Simplified Book 1 guides you through building six projects using low cost, consumer level power tools available at home improvement and department stores. I built every project in this book  using these tools - and so can you! I share all the methods I learned in complete detail and also specific projects including photos, concise instructions, a materials list, drawings, and even exploded views. Everything you need to build the project yourself even with inexpensive, consumer brand tools.

Book 1 is the first of a series of books for beginning and novice woodworkers who want to want to start building great projects for family and friends. Get your copy now for only $12.95 by clicking on

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